Unwanted Kit (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) Combi pack

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A combination of two medicines, an ‘Unwanted Kit’ is used for terminating a pregnancy or inducing a medical abortion. It terminates the pregnancy by blocking the action of progesterone (a female hormone necessary to maintain pregnancy)

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How To Use Unwanted Kit?

1)  The Unwanted Kit is only meant to be taken if you’re 11 weeks pregnant (or fewer). So you’d have to count the days and weeks from the first day of your last menstrual cycle.

2) Take a mifepristone pill with a glass of water. You must consume it 24-48 hours before taking the misoprostol pills.

3) Take four misoprostol pills after 1-2 days of consuming the mifepristone pill. You can consume them at your preferred time of the day. These pills aren’t meant for swallowing. You should keep them under your tongue carefully so that they dissolve.

4) You’ll have to wait 30 minutes for the misoprostol pills to dissolve. Don’t eat or drink anything during this period.

5) After 30 minutes, drink water to cleanse your mouth. This will also ensure the leftover pills get absorbed.

Unwanted Kit – How does it work?

Unwanted kit can terminate a pregnancy if it’s used within 11 weeks of conception. It consists of 4 pills of misoprostol and a pill called mifepristone. You can consume the pills a day or two apart and from the comfort of your own home.

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Unwanted Kit Benefits

The Unwanted Kit can be used to terminate a pregnancy in its early stage. Also, it is essentially a non-surgical method that is successful 90% of the time.

Prevention measure

Females below 18 ages must not practice this kit without consulting the doctor. Initiating the process late may result in pills’ failure in performance. In such a case, do not go for the next kit instead of consults the doctor for assistance.

Side-effects of Unwanted Kit

During the procedure, you may face conditions of vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, head pain, dizziness, etc.

Hence go for an abortion pill online like unwanted kit that consists of mifepristone and misoprostol to terminate an unwanted gestation.

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Active ingredients and it’s working:

In this Unwanted Kit, which is available in Canada and the USA contains 1 pill of Mifepristone 200 milligram and 4 pills of Misoprostol 200 microgram each. Both pills are necessary for an abortion when your pregnancy is 9 weeks or less. Both the pills can be taken orally in case of Misoprostol it can be taken vaginally or through buccal administration (a method where the pill is kept under the tongue beside the cheeks).

The first dose of the Unwanted kit for abortion should be Mifepristone (1 tablet of 200mg) and after the first dose, the second dose is to be administrated after 24-48 hours. Misoprostol pills (4 pills each of 200mcg) can help women to eliminate the embryo from the body.

It is quite likely that you start bleeding just one hour after the intake of the first dose of Mifepristone but it is recommended that you complete the dose in order to complete the abortion process successfully.

If you puke within 30 minutes of taking any of the doses then it may be possible that the dose has not been completely absorbed in your body and the abortion will be unsuccessful or partial. In such a case it is always advisable to buy Unwanted kit online in sets of two.

In any case, if your abortion doesn’t stand successful with the help of Unwanted Kit (though the chances are only 3 to 4 %) a quick solution can be done by visiting the doctor and undergoing surgery.

How to handle side effects:

Side effects like vomiting, nausea or dizziness can be handled by taking sufficient rest or restricting movements from your bed as much as possible. It is always advisable to keep your body hydrated with fluids i.e. water or fruit juices. Do try to keep all your requirements near your resting area.

Side effects like cramping and bleeding can be tolerated as per your endurance, but if that exceeds it is advised to meet the doctor as soon as possible before any of the conditions are adverse. abtreibungspille kaufen ( in Germany with express fast shipping)


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    I am 27 years old married and the mother of one child. I am not planning for a second as we are going through financial issues. So I chose the Unwanted kit from this website after going through the reviews. After the delivery, I took it as per the instructions and finally had a successful abortion. I will appreciate this product.

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